Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lexi has her own blog...

Hello all you peeps and doggies...

We are going to leave this blog open as a memorial for Destiny... and you can now follow the adventures of Lexi on her own blog...

Please join in the fun over there! She comes home Saturday - so lets all make her feel welcomed!! YAY!

For those of you following on this blog, keep it on your blog roll. I will continue to post here when I need a moment to share and remember my girl Destiny. She will be forever in my heart, and she will always be my first love. Thank you to all my dear friends who read her blog and kept me going... and thank you for all your lovely comments and warm wishes - you helped me through a very tough transition.

Thank you for allowing me this space - and thank you for all the wonderful support....

XOXO - pats and belly rubs....

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just got this email from Amy - Lexi's foster mom!!!

"WL ...sorry, LEXI IS ON the keyboard right now trying to tell tjat you are approved to adopt her and she is very happy!!!
Lexi is going to come home to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A good home visit...

Today I was visited by Amy (not Lexi's foster mom Amy - another Amy - who lives here in Maine!) to do a home visit to approve my home for Lexi.

From what I could tell - the visit went well. She got to meet Bruce, the chickens, my landlords, Derby and Mike. She got to see where Lexi will sleep -

Where she will eat....
And we showed her the walking path where she will be able to run and play....

so all in all, it was a good visit, and I am hoping for good news soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our friends Addie and Lucie are having a Pawty!!

Addie and Lucie are celebrating their 200th post by donating dog food - here's what Addie had to say..

To celebrate this momentous occasion,
Addie and Lucie are going to donate 1 pound of pet food/treats to the Tarrant Area Food Bank for each unique user comment posted on this blog entry.

Please go over and give pats and belly rubs to Addie and Lucie and tell them what good girls they are!!!

On the Lexi adoption front - I was getting nervous because I never heard back from the home visit lady. They are all volunteers and extremely busy... but it was starting to make me wonder what was going on. I finally got an email yesterday expressing she was sorry - but she wasnt able to conduct the home visit because her son fell ill. I emailed Amy, and she said not to worry, we would get it figured out - she is going to try to get me approved via pictures and videos - so for the next two days, I will be taking LOTs of pictures of my surroundings.

I may need some help from you technologically advanced doggies on how to upload videos!

XOXO - be good little pups out there!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another sign!

OK. Seriously folks, I can't believe this... this is getting too weird.....

Saturday morning, I told Mike about a dream I had... We were walking through the woods with Derby and Lexi. A wild dog - a pure white wild dog - stepped into our path and scared us - Mike grabbed a stick to protect me and Lexi and Derby from this wild dog... then the dog just stared at us - and Mike lowered his stick... we all just stood and looked at each other for a moment, then the dog turned around and jogged off. It was weird.

After I told him about my dream, we decided to go to the Mill Store in South Portland to get a dog food container for Derby. On the way, I was trying to explain to him why I felt so compelled about Lexi, and that this was the dog for me. My parents had sort of been weird about it, and some of my friends have expressed that it might be too soon. My heart is telling me the Universe wants me to have Lexi, and I cant wait to hold that little girl and call her mine. Finally, exasperated I said "You know what, I cant explain it to other people - so I won't"... and Mike said awkwardly (because he probably didnt know what else to say) "OK".

So we go into this store - its full of unfurnished furniture and wooden artwork and stuff... and on a wall in the corner, I found this sign:

My breath left me for a moment... then I grabbed the sign, ran over to Mike and exclaimed "SEE!!! Destiny WANTS me to have Lexi!!!!" and of course I bought the sign there on the spot.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Applied for Adoption - Lexi !!

I know - I know - I wasn't going to look to get another dog until spring... until I got back from California... blah blah blah... but look at this face!

I talked to Lexi's foster Mom for a looong time on the phone, and the more I learn about Lexi - the more I want to meet her.... no... strike that... the more I want to squeeze her, hug her, kiss her and give her snout kisses and belly rubs!!! (ok... I need to stay grounded here....)

She is a German Shepard / American Eskimo mix (best guess) and she is about 9 mo's to a year old. From what I understand from her foster mom, Amy - she is a very GOOD girl. She fits in well with her pack-mates (Amy's dogs and fosters) and she loves to romp around outside and play in the snow.

The adoption process has only begun - so I can't get my hopes up all the way - they have to call my references, and get the "ok" from my landlords (shouldnt be tough.. lol)

I really LIKE the foster Mom Amy - her and I think alot alike when it comes to our dogs and how they should be treated - I love that. I love thinking that this little Lexi is being well taken care of in a loving home while she is awaiting adoption.

So all you doggies out there - send some woofs and howls of good luck that Lexi might come home to live with me!