Sunday, February 15, 2009


You remember these words - right? They were in a captcha phrase that popped up when posting a link to Destiny's blog on facebook. I was heartbroken for my baby that day - and those two words brought me love and peace from Destiny.

Well, yesterday - right after I posted the Valentines day post for Destiny.... I was wiping some tears, missing my girl, and feeling rather sorry for myself that I didn't have her with me.

But, it was Valentines Day, and Mike and I were getting ready to go to a Hawaiian themed dinner dance. He had two Hawaiian shirts in his closet, and asked me to get them out for us. So I went up the stairs to get ready, and went through the closet searching for the shirts.

I pulled out a dark blue shirt with beautiful lilies and colorful flowers on it - and decided to check the size of the shirt.... and on the tag... was the name of the manufacturer who made the shirt.


Happy Valentines Day to you too Sweetheart... I Love you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Its no secret - Destiny was my true love... and I thought I would share with you a few things that were near and dear to her heart....

Destiny loved her cousin Louis ...

She loved ice cream...

She loved swimming

She loved going for rides in Momma's truck

She loved laying on the couch and watching Animal Planet

She loved running with the ocean breeze in her fur

Which is what I imagine she is doing right now... :-)

What or who do you love?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hi - I'm Bruce... I'm an Australian Shepard

Abby was my bestest friend.... and I'm kinda lost right now without her. We spend our days zooming around the house. Zooom zoooooom zoooooooooooooom!!! She used to think it was funny to take my toys and run away, and make me chase her.... and chase her I would! I would chase her and chase her and chase her...

what was I saying?

I have one brown eye and one blue eye.. and so did Abby... I think that made us soul-mates.

My humans tease me and say I'm a few milk-bones short of a box... but hey, what can a guy do?

Was that a squirrel?


So first Destiny, now Abby.... its getting pretty boring around here. There's got to be something to chase....

The cats? Nah... they are boring...
The chickens? Nah - they just run back in their coop....
The kids? Oh... they are still in school.
I'd chase my tail... but I dont got one....

Wont someone come and run and play with me?

What's that? Play date with Derby? Ohhhh... that sounds FUN! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Abby and Destiny are together again.....

Abby's family helped her to the bridge today... she told them it was time to go, and with graciousness and love, they led her there... and Destiny was there to greet her and show her around.

I remember when Destiny and I first moved into our apartment, and Abby and Bruce welcomed Destiny into their tight knit pack. Destiny was quickly accepted and loved by Abby and Bruce, welcomed into their home, onto their couch, and into their family... all I can imagine is Destiny is now returning the favor to Abby by welcoming her home, and inviting her into the pack with her and Zoe.

It's hard to understand how a pup so young can go this way, and I suppose we will never know. It all seems senseless and unfair, until you realize that Abby's life here did have purpose, she added love and joy to a family, companionship to Bruce, and friendship to Destiny.

Run free little Abber-dabbers. Say hi to my girl.

To all that follow the blog - Lauren wanted to send out a thank you to all your prayers, support and love during this difficult time.

Lauren - I love you, my heart is with you, and be sure to keep an eye out for a sign... I didnt think it was a "real thing" until Destiny sent me a sign that Paradise is Found.


As you may have read, Lauren updated us on Abby's status. Renal Failure strikes again.

Abby's prognoses isnt as promising as when Destiny was first diagnosed. Destiny's renal failure was slow and chronic - we were able to treat her with fluid therapy and medications... and I got Destiny for 9 more precious months. Abby's diagnoses isnt as promising because her kidney failure is too advanced. Fluid therapy would only prolong her suffering.

Abby's family are now with her, making her comfortable, and saying good bye. My heart is aching, I can hardly stand it.

I met Abber-dabbers just over a year ago. She greeted me enthusiastically when I went to look at my apartment. Her favorite thing to do is to race around the house with her buddy Bruce, and play "keep away" with him, teasing him by grabbing a ball, and knowing darn well that she is faster and more agile than him... always winning the game.

She is a cuddly little girl - loved to crawl up on the couch and snuggle. Her passion is chasing the cats... Jake is her favorite to chase because he actually runs. Opus looks at her as if to say "get a life dog"...

She also kept up on her working skills by herding the many chickens my landlords have - it kept her busy because Lauren and I were quick to name the new hatchlings this summer, and we have 3 roosters as a result. Abby made sure they were all rounded up and accounted for.

Her humans are her most prized of all... six kids total, Lauren and Chuck. Her breed of Border Collie made her loyal by genetics... but her amazing heart and love for the family made her loyal by intention.

Having just gotten through Destiny's passing of the same damning disease, its hard to even comprehend why - its easy to get angry at the unfairness of it all, and its heartbreaking and devestating to think we are losing another beautiful baby girl as a result.

Please shower Lauren, Chuck and the six kids with love, snuggles and hugs...


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prayers needed for Abby

Abby is my landlords little border collie. She is absolutely the sweetest thing on earth. She loves to run and play with her pack-mate Bruce - an Australian shepherd.

Abby has lost weight at an alarming rate, and she is now refusing to eat kibble. Human food - yes, kibble... eh.. not so much. Her DogMa Lauren is taking her to the vet this morning to find out if there is something wrong.... we are praying for the best.

Please send out woofs of good health and wellness to this little girl, and lets hope she will be romping around with her buddy Bruce in no time...