Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At work with Momma today!

Momma brought me to her work today. She said that "someone" was on vacation, so I could go! YAY!

I dont know what Momma complains about - work is pretty easy. I ate my breakfast, drank some water, and now I am sleeping under Mommas desk. Whats so hard about this "work" thing?

I dunno... its a dog eat dog world out there... and Momma's wearing Milkbone underwear.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Merry Christmas Indeed!

Hewwwwwooo Every Doggie!

I hope every doggie had a great Christmas. I most certainly did. I got some tasty treats, and I got to go to my Mommies parents house with Derby and Mike. We had lots of fun opening presents and eating snackies... Momma even dressed me up with a blue ribbon that said "Believe" on it... we both thought that was very fitting - given the year I've had, and what I had to do to see this Christmas... Believe!
I did get pretty tired in the afternoon and had to take a nap...

But whaddya expect... I'm an ol' lady....

When I woke up, the Humans thought it would be funny to put all the Christmas stockings on my back like I was a Christmas Donkey or sumfin.

It was ok though.. because after I delivered all the Christmas stockings back to Santa.. I got to eat more treats.....

So all in all, I had a very good Christmas. Yesterday I wasnt feeling very good though... Momma gave me my Sub-Q fluids, and they all settled down around my neck... and I couldnt lift my head all day... Momma was upset because she didnt know if I was sick or what.. and it was very painful for Momma to touch me.

Today has been a much better day though.. and my friend Derby has come over to visit.. its a rainy day, so we are just eating and sleeping and hangin' out.

I hope every doggie has a great New Year - only two weeks left til my Bark-Day!


Monday, December 22, 2008

The Animal Planet Dogscopes Widget

Friday, December 19, 2008


Last Sunday, Momma and I went and got our Christmas Tree with the family. We had so much fun! It was great to romp around in the woods and smell all the pine trees!

Here I am running with A! Mush! Mush!

The trick to finding the perfect tree is sniffing it out....

I think this one is perfect Momma... but its a little icy....

Silly Human! You are not a Christmas Tree!!

Here is our beautiful Christmas Tree.... I love it! Merry Christmas Every Doggie!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa.....

I have been a very good doggie this year.

I have plenty of toys, pull ropes and snackies... what I would like to ask you for this year Santa, I hope you can bring.

I would like to play and romp in the snow. I would like to have energy and be spry, and bounce around like I did when I was a pup. And then at night, I would like to sleep soundly, and chase rabbits in my sleep. I want to bite at the snow, and have snowflakes land on my eyelashes... I want to bounce around and nip at mittens.

I would like to enjoy yummy food, and gain some weight like you Santa!

This Christmas is very special Santa... I worked hard to get to see it. Its already snowing, which makes me very happy! Santa, I have a feeling this will be the best Christmas ever!

This Christmas Santa, I want to eat lots of treats, play in the snow, and get pats on the head, belly rubs, and lovin's from my humans. I want to feel good, have fun, and enjoy every minute of the Holiday. I want to lay under the tree, and see the glowy lights change my fur different colors. I want to listen to Christmas music, and watch Mommy happily wrap gifts and sing out of tune.

Will that fit in your sleigh Santa? I sure hope so.... because I've been really, really, really GOOD.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Hi - Its Destinys Momma Cilly

Hi All - Destiny would update her blog, but over the weekend, we had an icestorm and lost our power.

We were safe and warm though.. we have propane heat, and the landlord has a generator.. so it werent all bad.

We got our power back Saturday, but we still dont have internet or cable. When that comes back, Destiny will update everybody about her weekend. It was a fun weekend, jam packed with stuff - from staying over at her Auntie Becky's house, to getting a Christmas Tree on Sunday. Even Derby had a sleep over Saturday. She was sick a couple of times over the weekend, but I am hoping it was just because we did so much, and ate at weird times during the weekend. I imagine getting back to "normal" will get Dessie-Lu-Lu back on track.

More later!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling better today

Hewwooo everydoggie!

Its nice to see my friends from Dogs with Blogs coming to visit me! You all got my tail waggin'! I even spruced up my website - I hope everydoggie likey! Snow is my favorite thing in the world - so when I saw this back ground, I had to have it on my bloggie!

Momma came home last night and made me some french toast!! YUM YUM! I love french toast - its my favorite! I ate it all up. Momma also found out a new way to give me my medicines that I really like - cream cheese!! Momma read that tip online on another doggie website... she cant remember who gave out the tip, but she sure is appreciative - and so am I!! One of the pills - my antibiotic - is very hard to swallow - so this was a very good trick!

She made me more french toast this morning, and we decided to do fluids tomorrow. I've been drinking normally and peeing normally, so Momma decided we can do every other day this week.

Tonight Mike is coming over to visit - he always makes me feel better too. I like to play rope and get out all my toys for him! YAY!

Its raining cats and poodles outside today - so I am going to curl up on the couch with my blankie until Momma comes home from work.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dogs with Blogs

Momma posted my blog here so other doggie friends can find it!

Welcome to other Dogs with Blogs pals!!!

Please feel free to comment and share my blog - it makes me feel good!


I'm not hungry....

Heeewwwooo ewybarky...

Momma keeps making me food, and I keep trying to tell her I dont want it. She made me rutabagas, noodles and tofu last night. I ate half of it, and went and took a nap.

This morning, I wanted to just lay on the couch and watch TV... but Momma made me more food, and I didnt eat any of it. Then we did fluids, and I cried and cried. It hurt this time for some reason... wooooooooof :(

So, Momma left me to watch Animal Planet. Maybe I will get my appetite back after watching TV and sleeping. I got really tired after playing with Derby Sunday and romping through the fields at the farm. It takes longer for me to get my energy back now-a-days... I'm not the spring pup I used to be.

Its snowing today - I love snow. I did get outside this morning and enjoyed it - I got to bite at the snow on the ground, roll around in it, and got snow on my eyelashes. Snow has to be the best thing on earth... its so pretty, and fun to play in. Momma and I used to go snowshoeing, and we used to go "ski-jouring".... we went for miles and miles... we had so much fun and adventure. Those were such great times. Momma said this morning that if I am feeling better this winter, we will do it again. Maybe not go miles and miles... but we will go out on the trail.... and I will lead my pack. But for now, a nap is in order, and I will dream about running through the woods, jumping through the snow, and making doggie-snow angels.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We had FUN!

HeeeeeeWOOO ewybarky!

OH what a good weekend! Now that I am taking my antibiotics - I feel SO much better! Momma cant believe what a difference its made! I've been eating lots of good food, sleeping through the night - and today I went to Derby's house - and we played and played! I was jumpin around and trying to bite his ears because he had a blanket on his head - then peek-a-boo Derby!

Then Momma, Mike, Derby and me went to the farm - we chased geese, and ran, and played in the snow.. it was fun fun fun! Momma had so much fun watching me, she forgot to take pictures! Silly Momma.

Well, it was a great weekend, but I am super sleepy now. Hope everyone enjoys the snow as much as I do! WOOF!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hewoo eweybawky

Hewoo... Its me, Destiny..

I'm back from Dr. N.'s office. Its a good thing Momma took me today... I do have an infection, (vaginitis) and something called protein losing nephropathy... (which Momma said she will need to google search later) but Dr. N said that if I take my antibiotics, it will clear up in no time!

But Momma was REALLY happy when Dr. N said my creatinine level is down to 2.1!! That is down from just a little over a week ago from 4.2! YAY! And, if I stay healthy, I dont have to go back to the Dr's for two months. That is very good. I mean, I like Dr N. and everything .. but ....

I did lose a pound, so I only weigh 34.4 pounds right now, but Dr. N. said that if I am a good girl and take all my medicines, and my creatinine level stays down, I will start gaining weight. The good news is I can eat what ever I want. Having a fever was not fun, and that is why I was so uncomfortable and kept waking Momma up in the middle of the night.

Momma is getting ready to go to a pawty... she said she wasnt going to go if I wasnt feeling better, but now that I have eaten my dinner, and taken my medicines, she said she will go, and I can watch Animal Planet. I love watching Animal Planet.

Momma.. you better get going or you will be late for your pawty.

Just leave me the remote... I'll be fine.

Momma is taking me to see Dr. N.

Ya.. I had a pretty good night last night... but Momma has noticed that my "girlie parts" are raw and has a brown discharge, and she is now thinking that might be why I am so uncomfortable. We are going to go find out if I have an infection.

I wish I could tell Momma where it hurts. I know Momma is really worried right now, and I just want to tell her it will be ok. She has been crying alot about me... which makes me sad. I know she tries hard to be upbeat around me, but I know she is sad. Its really hard because I am doing the best I can.

I will let everyone know my report when I get back from the vet. WOOF!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not a creature was stirring.. not even me!

Much to Momma's delight - I slept through the night last night!

Momma fed me mashed rutabagas, egg noodles and hamburger/turkey mix with my medicines last night. It was very tasty - I ate a BIG bowlful. After dinner, I rested and watched TV with Momma and Mike. Momma let me out before they went to bed, and I didnt get up again until Momma's alarm went off this morning.

After Momma was done her coach calls, she gave me my SQ fluids. Once we were done with that she noticed that my bum was a little dirty. Hey - if you had long fur and your diet consisted of rutabagas and stuff, your butt might not be too pretty either. So, Momma decided to give me a bath while she took a shower. The water was very warm and felt good on my back. After, I got wrapped up in a warm towel and hung out in the bathroom with the fan going until I dried off a little. Momma fed me my breakfast and went to work.

Momma said that she has tomorrow off from work, so we can spend the day together - YAY! She said we will go for a walk, and on Saturday we will get a Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Play Date with Derby

Yesterday, Mike picked me up and took me to his house. I was a really good girl, and got to hang out with Derby - my spotted-step-brother. He is a real twerp.. but I like him. He is a five year old Dalmation. Yup.. he's a whipper-snapper. Here is a picture of us hanging out together this summer.


Momma came and picked me up after she got out of work. I didnt really want to go home... I like it at Mikes house alot. But, once I got home, Momma fed me some yogurt with my medicines mixed in, and we went straight to bed. I know Momma was tired from the night before because I had kept her up... poor Momma.

Momma let me out at 12:00 before we went to bed, then I had to get her up again at 3:00. I stayed out for 15 minutes, and Momma had to coax me back inside. I just want to sit outside lately. Its nice and cold out, and it makes me feel better. I went back inside because Momma made me, but had to go out again in 45 minutes... so woof woof woof... I woke her up again.

Once again, we made our way outside, but this time Momma made me come right back inside.. then she told me I had to settle down. She put a cold pack on my back and kept moving it from my back to my face. That felt good. Then she put a hot pack on my back, and the cold on my face.. and kept switching. After 15 minutes of that, I fell asleep and didnt wake Momma up again. I think Momma is really smart for thinking of that. I'm sure Momma was happy to get some sleep too.... even if it was on the couch with me curled up beside her.

Momma decided not to do my SQ fluids this morning, but said we might have to do them when she gets home from work. The vet said I had to have them daily for a week, and that was one week ago yesterday.. so maybe I can start just doing that every other day. Lets hope so... but Momma said she was going to call Dr.N. today to be sure.

Momma said she will make me up another batch of rutabaga's tonight!! She left Animal Planet on for me today, so I am going to rest and watch TV til she gets home. YAY!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is MY blog... WOOF!

Its about time Momma let me start a blog!

My name is Destiny. I am 12 years old, and I am an American Eskimo Border Collie Mix. I am looking forward to my birthday celebration in January when I turn 13 - finally - a teenager!!

Last April I got awfully sick. Momma took me to the vet, and found out that I have Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF). We suspect that my kidneys got weakened back when I was 7 and got into some rat poison. I got really sick back then too... but have been relatively healthy all my life.

I stayed in the hospital for 4 days while I was getting my system flushed and got lots of fluids. It was touch and go for a while, and I know my Momma was very sad without me. She just got dee-voorced from my Poppa... and I know she didnt want to live alone with out me... so I got better.

When I came home from the hospital, Momma had to give me fluids under my skin (SQ Fluids) every day. I didnt mind ... it was actually quite nice to be patted by Momma for 20 minutes a day, and she would sing to me my favorite songs like "Jiggly Pooch.. Jiggly Pooch.. fuzzy little pup all stuffed with fluff"... hee hee.. my Momma is funny... Also, after I got my fluids, I got a "Frosty Paws" ice cream for a treat!

After a while, I only had to get the fluids twice a week, and I had to go back to Dr. N every 6 weeks. I was feeling MUCH better, and had a great summer! Me and Momma went camping, hiking, boating... we even went to a doggie party! It was alot of fun!

Well, recently, I havent been feeling good again. Momma took me back to the vet, and I lost 5#'s... so I only weigh 35#'s right now. My creation level is at 4.2... which is up from 2.8 from the last visit. I like the Dr's who take care of me, but if they leave me alone for too long I bark and make a nuisance... so they bring me back to Momma in the waiting room to sit with her. Hee hee. I show them not to leave me alone!

I heard Dr. N tell Momma that my potassium levels were low, and I needed to start taking Aluminum Hydroxide so I would stop barfing up bile. She told Momma that I can eat what ever I want, just so long as its not fatty or greasy. The main thing is, I need to gain some weight. Dr N. said she wasn't going to count me out yet. Good thing, because I am not ready to be counted out!

Momma is pretty upset since the last visit. I know she is just really worried about me. I havent wanted to eat much the last few weeks... but this new Aluminum Hydroxide medicine seems to be making me feel better. Also, Momma has been giving me more benazipril for my high blood pressure. I also have to eat yucky fish oil supplements. I dont like them, but Momma says I need them for the Omega 3's. What ever that means.. blech!

The good news is, after my vet appointment, Momma dropped me off at Mike's house (Mike is Momma's boyfriend... I really like him alot because his Mom feeds me treats and lets me watch TV all day)... and he gave me some Rutabagas - YUM YUM YUM! They are so good! I ate them all up!! Mike called Momma at work to let her know that I ate them all up, and Momma was very happy. My Grandpa owns a rutabaga farm - I cant believe I havent tried these before!! Now I get them every day, and all the medicines that i have to take are mashed up in them. The rutabaga's are so tasty I dont even notice the nasty fish oils! YAY!

So, now Momma cooks for me every day. I could get used to this kind of treatment! She makes me egg whites and boca burger. She told me this morning she found a recipe for tofu, beans, and she will mix in rutabaga - sounds good... we will have to try it!

Last night, I had a bad night. I woke Momma up at 2am to let me out. I had to pee soooo bad.... and, I just kinda wanted to stay outside. It was sort of nice out... and sitting on the porch was making me feel better. Of course, Momma cant sleep when I am outside... poor Momma. She did make me come in after a while and we watched Animal Planet together on the couch... but I had to keep getting up to go out to pee.

Momma called Mike today to let him know I wasnt feeling well, and he picked me up from the apartment - I got to ride in his van! I cant wait to tell Momma about my day.. she is at work right now, but when she comes to pick me up, I will tell her all about it.

Its good to know people are here to take care of me. Thanks for reading my blog. I think it will help other doggies and dog-moms out there who have CRF. Momma was saying there arent many happy stories. Sure, I have some bad days, but I have had lots of good days. I am really happy Momma gave me a chance back in April and spent all that money on me. I know its been expensive for her to do all my treatments and buy all my medications... but I am doing the best I can to be with her as long as possible. Most days are really good so far.... and thats all we can really ask for - right?