Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa.....

I have been a very good doggie this year.

I have plenty of toys, pull ropes and snackies... what I would like to ask you for this year Santa, I hope you can bring.

I would like to play and romp in the snow. I would like to have energy and be spry, and bounce around like I did when I was a pup. And then at night, I would like to sleep soundly, and chase rabbits in my sleep. I want to bite at the snow, and have snowflakes land on my eyelashes... I want to bounce around and nip at mittens.

I would like to enjoy yummy food, and gain some weight like you Santa!

This Christmas is very special Santa... I worked hard to get to see it. Its already snowing, which makes me very happy! Santa, I have a feeling this will be the best Christmas ever!

This Christmas Santa, I want to eat lots of treats, play in the snow, and get pats on the head, belly rubs, and lovin's from my humans. I want to feel good, have fun, and enjoy every minute of the Holiday. I want to lay under the tree, and see the glowy lights change my fur different colors. I want to listen to Christmas music, and watch Mommy happily wrap gifts and sing out of tune.

Will that fit in your sleigh Santa? I sure hope so.... because I've been really, really, really GOOD.



Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Hi Destiny (and Cilly),
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back often.

You sound like a very brave and positive girl, Destiny. I know that there must have been really tough times this last year, just as I know that you will have a most beautiful Christmas. Just take it slow and enjoy every moment. Feel the strength and love coming your way from all of us who care and use that energy to be well. May you and your mom share a special Christmas dance in the snow!