Friday, December 5, 2008

Hewoo eweybawky

Hewoo... Its me, Destiny..

I'm back from Dr. N.'s office. Its a good thing Momma took me today... I do have an infection, (vaginitis) and something called protein losing nephropathy... (which Momma said she will need to google search later) but Dr. N said that if I take my antibiotics, it will clear up in no time!

But Momma was REALLY happy when Dr. N said my creatinine level is down to 2.1!! That is down from just a little over a week ago from 4.2! YAY! And, if I stay healthy, I dont have to go back to the Dr's for two months. That is very good. I mean, I like Dr N. and everything .. but ....

I did lose a pound, so I only weigh 34.4 pounds right now, but Dr. N. said that if I am a good girl and take all my medicines, and my creatinine level stays down, I will start gaining weight. The good news is I can eat what ever I want. Having a fever was not fun, and that is why I was so uncomfortable and kept waking Momma up in the middle of the night.

Momma is getting ready to go to a pawty... she said she wasnt going to go if I wasnt feeling better, but now that I have eaten my dinner, and taken my medicines, she said she will go, and I can watch Animal Planet. I love watching Animal Planet.

Momma.. you better get going or you will be late for your pawty.

Just leave me the remote... I'll be fine.