Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not a creature was stirring.. not even me!

Much to Momma's delight - I slept through the night last night!

Momma fed me mashed rutabagas, egg noodles and hamburger/turkey mix with my medicines last night. It was very tasty - I ate a BIG bowlful. After dinner, I rested and watched TV with Momma and Mike. Momma let me out before they went to bed, and I didnt get up again until Momma's alarm went off this morning.

After Momma was done her coach calls, she gave me my SQ fluids. Once we were done with that she noticed that my bum was a little dirty. Hey - if you had long fur and your diet consisted of rutabagas and stuff, your butt might not be too pretty either. So, Momma decided to give me a bath while she took a shower. The water was very warm and felt good on my back. After, I got wrapped up in a warm towel and hung out in the bathroom with the fan going until I dried off a little. Momma fed me my breakfast and went to work.

Momma said that she has tomorrow off from work, so we can spend the day together - YAY! She said we will go for a walk, and on Saturday we will get a Christmas tree.