Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm not hungry....

Heeewwwooo ewybarky...

Momma keeps making me food, and I keep trying to tell her I dont want it. She made me rutabagas, noodles and tofu last night. I ate half of it, and went and took a nap.

This morning, I wanted to just lay on the couch and watch TV... but Momma made me more food, and I didnt eat any of it. Then we did fluids, and I cried and cried. It hurt this time for some reason... wooooooooof :(

So, Momma left me to watch Animal Planet. Maybe I will get my appetite back after watching TV and sleeping. I got really tired after playing with Derby Sunday and romping through the fields at the farm. It takes longer for me to get my energy back now-a-days... I'm not the spring pup I used to be.

Its snowing today - I love snow. I did get outside this morning and enjoyed it - I got to bite at the snow on the ground, roll around in it, and got snow on my eyelashes. Snow has to be the best thing on earth... its so pretty, and fun to play in. Momma and I used to go snowshoeing, and we used to go "ski-jouring".... we went for miles and miles... we had so much fun and adventure. Those were such great times. Momma said this morning that if I am feeling better this winter, we will do it again. Maybe not go miles and miles... but we will go out on the trail.... and I will lead my pack. But for now, a nap is in order, and I will dream about running through the woods, jumping through the snow, and making doggie-snow angels.


CASPER And Pals said...

Hi Destiny, Welcome to DWB's! My name is Casper. You sure are a cutie! Momma thinks so too. She has a thing for Eskies ;)

We hope you are feeling better soon. Your Momma sounds like she takes such good care of you!

we are going to post about you on our bloggie, so you get a chance to meet all sorts of other DWB doggies! Hope that is ok ;)

Come and visit us ;)

Woofs Casper, Buddy and Nikki

CASPER And Pals said...

Oh and you may also be interested in the Eskie Board. Come visit it at

Eduardo said...

Hi! My name is Eduardo, I'm a puggle who loves to snuggle! I would like to add you to my snuggle buddies list, I enjoy your blog! Please feel free to visit my blog, and let's be friends!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Destiny said...

Hi Casper and friends! Thanks for the add to your bloggie! I like the attention, it makes me feel better! And, I want to bring as much awareness to CRF as I can. I'll be seeing you around!