Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Play Date with Derby

Yesterday, Mike picked me up and took me to his house. I was a really good girl, and got to hang out with Derby - my spotted-step-brother. He is a real twerp.. but I like him. He is a five year old Dalmation. Yup.. he's a whipper-snapper. Here is a picture of us hanging out together this summer.


Momma came and picked me up after she got out of work. I didnt really want to go home... I like it at Mikes house alot. But, once I got home, Momma fed me some yogurt with my medicines mixed in, and we went straight to bed. I know Momma was tired from the night before because I had kept her up... poor Momma.

Momma let me out at 12:00 before we went to bed, then I had to get her up again at 3:00. I stayed out for 15 minutes, and Momma had to coax me back inside. I just want to sit outside lately. Its nice and cold out, and it makes me feel better. I went back inside because Momma made me, but had to go out again in 45 minutes... so woof woof woof... I woke her up again.

Once again, we made our way outside, but this time Momma made me come right back inside.. then she told me I had to settle down. She put a cold pack on my back and kept moving it from my back to my face. That felt good. Then she put a hot pack on my back, and the cold on my face.. and kept switching. After 15 minutes of that, I fell asleep and didnt wake Momma up again. I think Momma is really smart for thinking of that. I'm sure Momma was happy to get some sleep too.... even if it was on the couch with me curled up beside her.

Momma decided not to do my SQ fluids this morning, but said we might have to do them when she gets home from work. The vet said I had to have them daily for a week, and that was one week ago yesterday.. so maybe I can start just doing that every other day. Lets hope so... but Momma said she was going to call Dr.N. today to be sure.

Momma said she will make me up another batch of rutabaga's tonight!! She left Animal Planet on for me today, so I am going to rest and watch TV til she gets home. YAY!