Sunday, December 7, 2008

We had FUN!

HeeeeeeWOOO ewybarky!

OH what a good weekend! Now that I am taking my antibiotics - I feel SO much better! Momma cant believe what a difference its made! I've been eating lots of good food, sleeping through the night - and today I went to Derby's house - and we played and played! I was jumpin around and trying to bite his ears because he had a blanket on his head - then peek-a-boo Derby!

Then Momma, Mike, Derby and me went to the farm - we chased geese, and ran, and played in the snow.. it was fun fun fun! Momma had so much fun watching me, she forgot to take pictures! Silly Momma.

Well, it was a great weekend, but I am super sleepy now. Hope everyone enjoys the snow as much as I do! WOOF!