Saturday, April 25, 2009

One year ago....

One year ago
I took a walk with Destiny

The long winter had ended -
the day was gentle and warm
We were with new friends
It was a new start for us

We were starting to break out of winter hibernation
free from the dreary walls
Out into a newly awakening spring
Out into a newly awakening life.

One year ago... I took a walk with Destiny

When we started out I had no idea
where the road would take us
where we would find ourselves
I had no idea ... but she did.

She always knew.

Every step she took was deliberate
with purpose - with passion.
I learned a life lesson that day
Never take one moment for granted

Not ONE.

I was blessed. I took a walk with Destiny.

Today I took a walk with a new girl
I told her about an old soul.
We silently reflected at the waters edge.
I gave thanks

I told my new girl about the lesson I learned
and even though she is but a baby
she understood... but was puzzled
Why do humans have to learn that lesson?

When we already know.

A roll in the dirt
a splash in the water
a romp in the fields
a bask in the warm sun...

How silly I feel... she is so wise.

It took me 35 years to appreciate
to touch, to love, to honor
to awaken.. to open my eyes
she knew long before her tiny eyes opened.

We are not born alive
they teach us to live
if we take the time
to take a walk.

Is there someone you need to walk with today?

Friday, April 3, 2009


As you will read on Lexi's blog, she got a special package from Addie and Lucie and in the package, was a special present to me from Staci...


from the bottom of my heart...