Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A letter from Destiny to Lexi.....

Dear Sweet Lexi....

Every day I watch you, and I smile. You have made yourself to home, and I am so happy you came into my Momma's life. You are just what she needed. Give her a kiss for me, watch over her, keep her safe, and know that you are the luckiest pup in the world.

You have an amazing life ahead, Little One. You will go on so many adventures. Momma will keep you busy, happy and safe - make sure to always return the favor - I know you will.

I visit both of you in your dreams. I watch over both of you every day. You only know of me because of what I left for you... the unchewed toys, the empty bed, the food dishes that Momma will always keep full of food and water - just for you. You know of my stories, Momma whispers to you the tales of our adventures, she strokes your fur as you fall asleep. You live out my Legacy. Sleep soundly Little One... you are in good hands.

I am trusting my soul mate to you... I chose you. I know you have big paws to fill, but I will help you every step of the way. I am your Destiny too..... and with that, little White Dog, I leave you with the name - Lexi, Legacy of Grace.

It is your time... time to run and play, cuddle and love, skip, jump, swim, fetch, chew, romp, dance.... its your turn.... and I delight in watching you.

Little soulful brown-eyed girl - be well, play hard, sleep often, eat with gusto and delight - and love Momma with all your heart... and know that I am watching over you from Paradise.

Love, your sister

Sunday, May 10, 2009


A repost of one of my favorite poems...


All my friends have children now. Their biological clocks ticked them into a foreign world filled with bassinets and learning toys.

A few feel sorry for me, the last remaining nullipara. But those who know me best, and know my girl, know we share similar motherhood joys. Regardless of our breed of babe, we're both obsessed with the quality and quantity of our tyke's bodily wastes. And we delight in little miracles, innocent presents retrieved from beach and woods, random kisses, implicit trust, unquestioning adoration.

We teach, we spoil, we chide, we coax, we praise, we love our babies.
How can you feel sorry for a mom whose child will never fall in with the wrong crowd, do drugs, or drop out of school? Dog moms are doubly blessed. Our boys and girls grow old, but never grow up.

Taken from "Cooking with Dogs" by Karen Dowell