Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hello my girl. I miss you today.

I am packing for camp.
Checking off my to-do list, my to-bring list... I have so many things to do... trying to remember it all. But I have to take a moment. To Remember.

You always knew what it meant when the tent, the sleeping bags, and all the other camping items were pulled out of storage. You would pace around excitedly. You would circle around the truck making sure I wouldn't forget you. Silly pup... I would never leave you behind!

We would spend the morning making sure we had everything - the truck would be freighted and full... geez.. we are only going for a few days - do we really need all this stuff? Of course we do. We always do.

Finally - I would look in your brown eyes - you would be shaking in anticipation... and I would say "Load up!" and you would SPRING into the truck - SO excited, so full of energy - so full of anticipation... you could hardly stand it. Its a long ride Des... settle down. You were content to sit with the windows open, the mountain air ruffling your fur, the permeating scent of pine nearly intoxicated us as we glided into the mountains. Remember?

We would finally arrive to the Height of Land. Time to stretch our legs girl - time to say hello to the lake!

You would bound from the truck, run to the edge of the road, and stand on a boulder - and suck in breathfuls of air... so joyfully, so full of anticipation.... and I would follow your lead ... I would take a deep breath... so joyfully, and another - so full of anticipation.... and another - and all the stress of the work week, the packing, the rushing and bustling to get where we were... washed away.

C'mon girl, load up, lets get up to camp.


I do.

As soon as we arrived, you would leap from the truck and into the water .. and you paddled around until I got the tent set up, and all our things unpacked.


You would intently watch the squirrels, keeping one eye on me as I started a fire, and one eye on them because they are crafty suns-a-guns who liked to tease and taunt you. I remember the time you fell asleep and one little bugger sneaked right up on you. When you slowly opened your eyes you were nose to nose. I didn't know who was more startled - you or that squirrel. I do remember icing your head because you jumped up so quickly you whacked yourself on the picnic table and I swear I saw tweety birds circle around your head! That... depending on how hard you hit your head... you may not remember.

I remember our long hikes. I remember feeling safe being out in the middle of the woods alone, but I wasnt alone - I was with you.

So, I am packing for camp. The little one doesn't know what that means. She hasn't had the adventures yet, so she sits and watches as I pull out the camping items. I'm sure one day she will know, and she will learn to anticipate... but for now, it will be our secret. I am looking forward to showing her all our old places. Bald Mt, Kennebago River ... Angel Falls. I will tell her about you. I will tell her about all our adventures. I will always remember... and soon she will too.

So... I'm packing for Camp Des.... Load Up! Silly pup... I would never leave you behind!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Fear not -

She will be with woo -

Always and furever -


Raising Addie said... are going to have a wonderful trip!

Watch over Lexi ok Destiny.

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Casper and pals said...

Oh what wonderful times you had with Destiny! Beautiful memories. A beautiful picture too.

Little Lexi doesn't know what wonders await. We know Destiny will be with both of you while you show Lexi all the cool places.

Have fun!

Woofs Casper, Buddy, Nikki and foster dog Pixie

Anonymous said...
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Kodak the Eskie said...

Very sweet, mommy has tears. Destiny will be there with you because she is in your heart. You will make wonderful new memories with Lexi.

Hugs, Kodak