Monday, January 5, 2009

Great post about CRF

Hello - Its Destiny's DogMa - Cilly

Destiny hasnt been feeling very good since New Years... she has been lethargic, anorexic, and last night was very restless.

Its hard, because I tell my friends and co-workers about her, and they dont understand why I cant just "make her eat" .. or give her some "favorite treats"... well, its because her renal failure is causing her to have an upset stomach, or she may have ulcers, or she may not trust her food anymore (it might have made her nauseaus or there may have been nasty tasting medicines in it)

Its difficult and frustrating to watch her waste away - I cook her three meals, and she turns her nose up at all of them. I feel like I am failing her in some way. I know deep down I AM doing everything I possibly can for her... but God its hard.

I found a good article on blogger - its old, but has informative information for people wondering what CRF is, and how to prevent it.

The biggest thing is to keep your teethies clean, and avoid toxins like grapes, raisens and antifreeze.

My hunch is Destiny got CRF due to a bout of acute poisoning that happened to her when she was 8... I almost lost her then. She rebounded, but I had no idea what it did to her kidneys. Well, I guess now we know.

All doggies and DogMa's out there, please send out some warm puppy vibes for Miss Destiny tonight. I hope to get out of work soon and go check on her.


Raising Addie said...

Hello Destiny!

We are catching up on our blogging. We are soooo sorry that we are behind.

Zoe was diagnosed with renal failure this summer. I didn't think she would make it until Christmas, but she has surprised us all.