Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm still here....

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers every doggie...

My Momma is having a hard time. She wants me to eat, and I have decided its no longer necessary to eat. Momma has done a really good job taking care of me. She nursed me back to health when I was really sick last April, and because of her, I got to have an awesome summer running and playing and enjoying life.

I dont think I am enjoying life anymore. I'm tired.... and its easier right now to lay on the couch and rest... eating isnt fun anymore. Momma has made me rice and hamburger, chicken, cream of chicken soup, eggs.. you name it ... she has made it for me. I know it makes her sad when I don't eat it... I wish Momma werent sad... I wish I could tell her its ok.

Momma doesnt know what to do. She doesnt want to give up if I wont give up... but she cant tell if I have given up or not... so she keeps trying to get me to eat, she makes me take my medications each day, and she gives me Sub-Q's every morning. I appreciate all she is doing, she makes me comfy while she goes to work... she makes sure I have a full bowl of water, and she even leaves kibble out for me, even though I havent eaten kibble in weeks, and she leaves the TV tuned to animal planet, and makes sure there is a blanket and pillow on the couch.

Momma called Dr. N this morning to see if there is more she should be doing.... and is waiting for a call back. While Momma frets and fusses, I am just going to take a snooze, wait it out, and see what happens.


Vicki said...

Oh Des...Your Momma loves you sooo much...and will do ALL that she can to let you know that...You are such a part of her life..

It is truly a blessing to have a momma like get your rest...and just feel the love

Thoughts of you Baby..!!

Vicki Momma of Chopper

Raising Addie said...

Destiny you have a wonderful mom that will do everything in her power to make you better and comfortable.

We are praying for you sweetie.