Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hanging in There...

Hello Every Doggie -

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. I am still hanging in there. Momma is really fretting over me, and its ok... I understand its hard for her - but she keeps telling me its not about her, she wants to make sure I am ok.

Momma has been giving me more Sub-Q fluids the past couple days. She says it will help my kidneys not work so hard to flush all the toxins out. I have eaten some chicken, and Momma makes me take my medicines... but I still feel yucky, and most mornings I get sick and throw up. Momma cleans up after me. I feel bad, but she says its ok. Mostly I just want to watch Animal Planet and nap on the couch.

I've been having a hard time walking around - I fall down alot. Its also hard for me to sit and be comfortable, so I get up alot at night and walk around. I know it wakes Momma up... and she needs her sleep. I try to be quiet... sometimes I dont even bark to wake her up to let her know I need to go out. She said she would rather be woken up than clean up a mess, but she understands I am doing the best I can.

Sunday is my 13th Barkday... Its been a long, hard year... but I have had so much fun this year too... Meeting Derby was definately a hi-light. I pretend he annoys me, but I actually love him alot. He is a good pup. We did alot of things together this summer - camping, walking, hiking, swimming... I even got a starfish stuck to my fur at the beach one day! Ya.. we had a great year, and I hope we get to play in the snow and have fun this winter... so I need to work on getting better.

Momma said we will celebrate my Barkday Sunday with some french toast. I hope I feel like eating it, but Momma said if I dont, its ok... its still my day, and I get to do what ever I want.

Thanks every doggie for all the support and prayers!



Raising Addie said...

Destiny, we are sooo sorry we are behind. Is your barkday tomorrow or was it last week?

Please hang in there baby.