Saturday, January 10, 2009

I wont give up, if you dont give up..

Today is a different day. There is a different energy in the air. The sun is shining, (albeit, its below zero outside)... Derby had a sleep over to keep me company... and.. I am perkier.

I cant say I feel 100%, but I have been alot more active today. I even ate some beef baby food Mike brought over.

After Momma told Dr. N about me - about being tired, not wanting to eat, and having really BAD breath... Dr. N said that I probably have something gastric or intestinal going on... she recommended Momma stop giving me Beneazipril and asprin, and to give me a Pepcid AC.

I dont know what's in that Pepcid that works so good - but I did not get sick last night, and I feel better today.

Momma said we will see how the weekend goes, and we will go see Dr. N on Tuesday.

Momma told me this morning "I wont give up, if you dont give up." and I whispered the same thing back to Momma.



Raising Addie said...

We want to send all good thoughts and spirits to you to help you through this rough time.

I wish there was something that we could do to make things all better.

My mom went through this last year when K-8 got sick unexpectedly. With her diagnosis she didn't have a chance and left us within 2 and a half weeks. Mom still isn't right about it and can't stop crying reading your posts.

I'm sure you mom has tried this, but she would make scrambled eggs and boiled chicken and hand feed them to K-8 in small pieces.

Destiny, hang in there. Mom give Destiny lost of hugs and kisses from us. We love you!

Addie, Zoe and Staci

Vicki said...

Chopper says "You go girl"

Casper and pals said...

Don't give up! (either of you)

Were glad your tummy is better with the Pepcid